Update on port operations in Arab countries
Jun 6 2017

Further to yesterday’s announcement that The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain has severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, we have been made aware of the additional implications to shipping operations:


- Saudi Arabia Port Authorities has confirmed that: 


no vessels will be allowed coming from or going to Qatar, regardless of the vessels' flag or owners nationality.


vessels’ already in port and destined for Qatar as their next destination will not receive Port clearance.


no vessel under the Qatar flag will be allowed in Saudi Ports regardless of their destination and last Port.


- The Ports and Maritime Affairs at Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Bahrain has stated that all Bahrain Ports and territorial waters will remain suspended for marine navigation from and to the State of Qatar with effect from today (Tuesday 6 June).


- The Das Port Authority (UAE) has been instructed that all vessels flying the flag of Qatar, and all vessels arriving from or destined to Qatar irrespective of its flag, are banned from calling into any Abu Dhabi Petroleum Port.


Please note:

The inward and outward clearance of all ships in Egyptian ports continues to operate as normal, but we are in continuous contact with the Egyptian Authorities monitoring the situation.   


We have been in contact with the Suez Canal Authority to discuss the impact for vessels flying the Qatari flag that transit the Suez Canal; we have been clearly advised that there are no restrictions as Suez Canal is an international water passage.


Additional updates about the ongoing situation will be provided as and when they are available over the coming days.


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