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In 2003, Congress passed a resolution that all cargo entering the United States was to be electronically manifested and transmitted to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) department of Homeland Security.  In response to this mandate, Inchcape Shipping developed a program that interfaces with the CBP system for the electronic transmission of AMS (Automated Manifest System) data.

Inchcape has become the largest AMS provider for bulk carriers into the United States.  We have a team of 6 professional AMS data specialists who collate the data received from load port/owners/charterers/vessel masters and input same into the AMS system.  Our team is very experienced with liquid bulk cargos and an in-depth knowledge of the many ports of call involved.

AMS requires three basic steps for electronic manifest transfer.  Firstly, information is sent through the computer system and is confirmed by CBP as on file.  After the vessel arrives, the arrival date and time are then entered into the system.  The customs broker for the cargo then makes entry on the cargo and clears it off the carriers bond and the voyage is considered completed.

To register for AMS transmission, carriers must file a Type III International Carrier Bond with a CBP recognized surety company.  They must also obtain a SCAC (Standard Carrier Access Code) from the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) so that the carrier (vessels) can be identified by CBP.  An AMS Service Provider (such as ISS) will also need a power of attorney and a Letter of Authorization on your company letterhead.  All these papers are then submitted by the AMS Service Provider and registered with CBP.

Please contact us to have the pertinent forms that are needed to register a carrier as well as our AMS Information Reporting form. 

Note: The AMS Information Reporting form is filled in by the master/load port/owners and/or charterers and sent to the AMS Service Center at least 48 hours prior arrival in US waters to allow for processing time.

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