Crew Logistics Services

The efficient movement of crew is a challenge for all shipowners, operators and managers. The traditional approach of using charterers’ appointed agents has a number of inherent inefficiencies: from uncompetitive agency fees; late or incomplete disbursements; poor communication; lack of focus on operational delivery; issues over last minute pre-funding and so on.

ISS’ Crew Logistics Services is an outsourcing product designed to streamline and improve the crew transfer process. Today, ISS provides this service to more than 25 shipmanagers and owners, channelling all requirements through our 24/7 Vessel Supply Chain Hub which then coordinates with our dedicated and global network of husbandry agents to deliver a consistent level of care and attention to all crew throughout their transfer process. In addition to the traditional outsourcing benefits such as efficiency gains and the ability to re-focus on core activities, our customers experience improved crew welfare, direct cost savings through standard fixed tariffs, improved risk management through our ISO accredited HSSE and QA procedures, greater visibility on crew movements, analytical management reports and predictable budget costs, all delivered through a single, dedicated Hub.

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