Government & NGO Services

ISS Government Services is the first choice strategic partner to various militaries, government, non-government, international organisations and mining and energy exploration principals operating in the port services, cargo services, logistics support, base operations support, construction and Remote Life Support sectors. ISS Government Services is uniquely placed to leverage the Group’s proprietary network of offices and accredited sub-agents globally to provide ISO-9001:2008 standard services and solutions.

Our Strengths

With a track record in operating with the world’s militaries in peace and war, Government Services is headquartered in Dubai and has dedicated offices and specialist personnel across the globe who form the backbone of this unique business model.

Able to integrate with our customers, respond quickly to demanding and short notice operational and commercial requirements, ISS Government Services specialises in the following fields:

  • Port Services – Fully servicing warships, including specialist vessels such as submarines and aircraft carriers, government chartered ships and aircraft, their cargos and personnel.
  • Logistics Support – Coordinating current supplies and services chains, supplementing requirements with local capacity and transport
  • Base Operations – Facility Management, procurement and domestic services, logistics services support for military bases which includes equipment, material and supplies, supervision, labour and other construction and installation services at rear and forward operating sites and support to military exercises
  • Remote Life Support – Catering, construction & engineering, power generation, procurement & logistics, waste management, camp facilities management, security for government and non-government agencies and the mining and energy exploration sectors.

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