Liner Husbandry

Port Agency requirements have traditionally been managed by the container carriers’ local offices, as a default part of their service scope, resulting in a rigid fixed cost structure.

ISS consequently developed a global liner husbandry solution, to offer the carriers a scalable, cost efficient and standardized solution, which provides the necessary agility to accommodate the ever changing market conditions.

At the core of the product is focus on vessel schedule integrity, through delivery of QA, audited and accredited operational processes, which are provided by our professional boarding and operational staff throughout our global network. Of equal importance is the focus of cost savings, ranging from vetting and choosing the lowest cost providers, to facilitating careful optimization of the vessels calls to ensure timely berthing, so that bunker utilization can remain at a minimum.

Incorporated in the offering is our crew logistics and door to deck services, which assures a full management of the whole vessel supply chain process. Uniquely integrated in the scope also, is our sophisticated disbursement management process, which reduces the number of invoices handled by the owner by up to 90%, as ISS resumes responsibility for vendor payments, as well as matching invoices against the agreed baseline for each port and vessel type.

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